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The rooms and possibilities at Messe Freiburg are perfect for putting bespoke event concepts into action. To enable you to do this, four halls, ten conference rooms and large foyer areas are available. What’s more, the modular room concept provides numerous options for configuring the spaces. The minimal interior design creates open space in which to set up equipment and create the desired atmosphere – without any compromise on style. There are no limits to your own ideas!

The continuous foyer that runs the full length of the front of the halls has a floor-to-ceiling glass frontage that gives a view over the boulevard and the open space outside. This allows natural light into the central foyer and through the skylights above the halls. All of the conference rooms benefit from natural light and can be fully shaded. Free and fast Wi-Fi is available to visitors and speakers throughout the entire conference area.



Number of halls 4
Number of rooms 10
Largest hall (m²) 6,000
Largest room (m²) 800
Largest foyer (m²) 2,200
Open space (m²) 81,000
Number of parking spaces 3,000


  • High-speed internet
  • Large number of network and electrical outlets in the conference rooms
  • Flexible solutions for network and electrical outlets in the halls and foyers
  • Free Wi-Fi in the conference rooms
  • High ceiling loads for flexible suspension options


  • Catering
  • Trade fair construction
  • Rental furniture
  • Advertising options
  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • Smartphone charging points



There are various measures dedicated to sustainability.


The traditional trade fair halls provide the ideal space for all types of events. For the biggest space requirements, the entire exhibition space, including the foyer areas and hall 4 (SICK-ARENA) can be combined to create a space of up to 19,500 m².

  • Areas: 2,400 m² / 6,000 m² / 3,600 m²
  • Connected via doors and the continuous foyer
  • Can be used together or totally separate from one another
  • Flexible suspension options
  • Media outlets at short intervals
  • Level access for trucks
  • Large delivery yard
  • Backstage areas


Our events hall for concerts, shows, large plenary sessions and corporate events. Hall 4 is the largest events hall in south Baden, but areas can also be sectioned off using a curtain system as required for smaller occasions.

  • Area: 4,800 m²
  • Concert capacity:
    Theatre-style: 4,140 / 3,140 / 2,150 / 2,020
    Standing: 9,000 / 5,000 / 3,500 / 2,500
    Part-seated: 6,690
  • Mobile stands for 1,552 people
  • Backstage areas for artists and crew
  • Level access for trucks
  • Large delivery yard


The conference rooms located away from the hustle and bustle, next to hall 1 on the first floor, can be used individually or combined into one large space. They have a gallery at the front with a far-reaching view of the Black Forest and the foyer area on the ground floor.

  • Total area: 300 m²
  • Theatre-style: 58–416 people
  • Classroom-style: 35–252 people
  • Banquet: 248–330 people
  • Can be fully or partially shaded
  • Barrier-free access via dedicated lift
  • Extendable exhibition space using hall 1


The conference rooms at the heart of the Messe on the first floor between halls 3 and 4 can be used individually, partly combined or as one large space. They have a gallery at the front, and the multifunctional central foyer on the ground floor can serve as an entrance or exhibition space.

  • Total area: 800 m²
  • Theatre-style: 180–1,120 people
  • Classroom-style: 96–570 people
  • Banquet: 528–660 people
  • Can be fully or partially shaded
  • Barrier-free access via dedicated lift
  • Control room for the large room option


Identical in size, the two conference rooms are located on the first floor, in front of hall 4. The gallery at the front provides a scenic view of the Kaiserstuhl range of hills and the Vosges mountains.

  • Area per room: 110 m²
  • Theatre-style: 121 people each
  • Classroom-style: 72 people each
  • Can be fully or partially shaded
  • Barrier-free access via dedicated lift
  • Can’t be combined


The generously sized, multi-purpose heart of the Messe is much more than just an entrance and functional area. The imposing glass façade and industrial-style architecture turn the entrance into an independently usable, elegant and attractive events space.

  • Area: 2,200 m²
  • Flexible suspension options
  • Widely distributed utility shafts


Let your ideas reach for the open sky. The extensive open area is perfect for open-air concerts, markets or as an extended exhibition space.

  • approx. 35,000 m² of parking areas
  • approx. 46,000 m² of usable space (tarmacked, gravelled, paved)
  • widely distributed junction boxes and water outlets
  • 2 toilet facilities
  • 10 charging stations for electric cars
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