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Copyright: FWTM Hopermann



  • Seated: 4,140 / 3,140 / 2,150 / 2,020
  • Standing: 9,000 / 5,000 / 3,500 / 2,500
  • Part-seated: 6,690 people
  • Mobile stands: 1,552 people


Area: 4,800 m²
Clear height edge: 11.6 m
Clear height dome: 16.2 m
Floor load: 50 kN/m²
Media outlet load: 25 kN/m²
Floor covering: fibre reinforced concrete


  • Media outlets at intervals of 8–10 metres for supply cables
  • Flexible suspension options
  • Full or partial shading of the hall in a matter of seconds
  • Infinitely adjustable hall lighting
  • Level access for trucks
  • Large backstage area with dressing rooms and lounge areas
Curtain systems, stage and stands // Copyright FWTM Joos
Curtain systems, stage and stands // Copyright FWTM Joos


No matter whether you’re using hall 4 on its own or in conjunction with the central foyer and adjoining conference rooms – hall 4 boasts many advantages in every configuration. A total of six different curtain tracks cross hall 4, and they don’t just allow you to customise the hall for different concert capacities. The curtain system can make the hall smaller for a diverse range of event formats, exactly as required.


Stands in the Messe Freiburg


Depending on what’s required, hall 4 can be set up with a 1,552-person stand, allowing people the best view of the stage, especially during concerts, TV shows and large congresses.
Our in-house equipment includes stage modules from 20 cm up to a height of 180 cm, meaning we can meet most basic stage requirements. In the case of special requirements, we’ll be happy to arrange for a suitable stage using our highly specialised partner network.

Technical drawing grandstand (PDF) 313 KB

Backstage area


Over three floors, hall 4 offers twelve different rooms with direct access to the hall. The rooms can be accessed directly from the delivery yard without being seen by the fans and without having to go through hall 4.

Be it a concert or an event – this is where artists and crew will find optimal facilities: a large number of toilets and showers, connections for washing machines and tumble dryers and a separate room where catering can be set up.

At trade fairs and congresses, the twelve rooms can be used as required: for example, as an exhibitor’s office, an office for meeting the congress president, as a speakers’ lounge, as a lounge for hosts, as a printing room and so much more.

Technical drawing backstage area (PDF) 38 KB

Suspension points and media outlets


Be it atmospheric light installations or congress banners – our contractors can affix the necessary suspension points exactly where you need them. No matter whether it’s right onto or in between the steel beams. The construction of the roof in hall 4 provides virtually unlimited possibilities.
Media ducts run through the halls at intervals of 8–10 metres, allowing electrical cables, LAN cables and water pipes to be distributed optimally without creating any trip hazards.

Compendium SICK ARENA (PDF) 801 KB
Virtual tour of Messe Freiburg
Virtual tour // Copyright: FWTM Wilhelm


A site inspection without being on site? Get a first impression of the SICK-ARENA, halls, conference rooms, foyers and open space at Messe Freiburg with our 360-degree tour. Take a virtual stroll through the spaces at the Messe and see for yourself how versatile the rooms are.

Concert in the Messe Freiburg


Click through our image gallery for further views of Hall 4 (SICK-ARENA)!

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