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Wind turbine on the Roßkopf // Copyright FWTM Spiegelhalter


We use 100% green electricity, which Messe Freiburg sources from the city’s energy provider badenova. In addition, we generate environmentally friendly solar power using the entire roof of Messe Freiburg – and that started the moment it was put into action in 2006. The system generates around 235,000 kWh of renewable electricity a year from an area of approx. 6,500 m² – equivalent to the annual consumption of roughly 70 four-person households. By doing this, we save around 131 tonnes of the harmful greenhouse gas carbon dioxide every year.

Since the end of 2020, badenovaWÄRMEPLUS has been supplying Messe Freiburg with low-temperature heat that comes from Cerdia GmbH in the industrial area in the north of the city as CO2-neutral waste heat resulting from cellulose production. By eliminating the need for natural gas, we prevent 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. That’s a 32% reduction in environmental impact in the context of the total energy use of the Messe. Other large-scale measures like heat pumps and lighting also contribute to continually minimising electrical consumption at the Messe.

Regional and seasonal catering at the Messe // Copyright FWTM Muranyi


Regional, seasonal and only as much as is required – owner-managed Business-Catering Freiburg, an exclusive partner to the Messe, places great importance on fully sustainable catering. The number of dishes prepared is also planned to meet demand so that nothing needs to be thrown away after an event. No single-use tableware is used. If the event organiser is in agreement, we support the government’s ‘restlos genießen’ leftovers initiative and provide cardboard boxes so leftovers can be taken away free of charge. We’re also happy to partner with regional food sharing platforms.

Green on the move in the Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg // Copyright: FWTM Spiegelhalter


We enable guests and event planners to get here by environmentally friendly means using public transport. Messe Freiburg can be reached by tram from the main train station in Freiburg in just ten minutes, and is also connected to the national and international transport network via this route. With great value offers, we’re able to provide targeted incentives:

  • Deutsche Bahn event ticket with 100% green electricity, for use on the entire DB network.
  • Congress ticket in partnership with the Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg (RVF), which comprises 20 city and regional transport companies. The congress ticket entitles the holder to free use of public transport in the whole tariff network. The Freiburger Verkehrs AG trams of course run on green electricity.
  • The RVF event ticket entitles the holder to free journeys to and from events across the whole RVF tariff network. This must be included for concerts and shows, but many trade fair organisers also offer this service.
  • Frelo bike sharing scheme: Frelo hire points are located at the Messe Freiburg stop and the Solar Info Center (Technische Fakultät stop).

You can use Deutsche Bahn's UmweltMobilCheck to check the CO2 consumption for your planned trip. It lists the CO2 values for rail, car and plane as well as other environmental balances for your trip.

Charging station for electric vehicles at the Freiburg Messe
Charging station for electric vehicles at the Freiburg Messe // Copyright: FWTM

Refuel electric vehicles with electricity

For electric vehicles, we offer 10 parking spaces with charging station, where you can either pay directly and without registration or via FID charging card or smartphone app.

Green spaces around the Messe // Copyright: FWTM Münzer


In the extensive Messe grounds, which includes over 81,000 square metres of parking and event space, there are an additional approx. 30,000 square metres designated for habitat development. Native neglected grassland is protected here, as is the habitat of the brown-spotted bush-cricket, whose distribution finds its northernmost tip in Freiburg.

We rely on companies in the region // Copyright: FWTM Schoenen


Transporting trusses or trade fair stands across Germany? That’s not necessary! Messe Freiburg employs regional companies from our partner network almost exclusively. But our responsibility doesn’t stop there. When choosing our service providers, we also pay close attention to ensuring their suppliers are from the region as well, where possible. You too can take the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in this way.


Messe Freiburg incorporates sustainable practices as much as possible. This includes fair pay, the fair deployment and treatment of employees – and those of our service providers. The events industry is sustained by the service of countless people. We believe this resource is worth protecting. It’s only in this way that we can keep running big events in the long term.


  • We are part of „fairpflichtet“ (right and fair)!
  • We help you follow the recommended action of the German Environment Agency for the sustainable organisation of events!
  • With our partner network, we support the move towards paper-free events!
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